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The DC League of Super-Pets CGI movie focuses on the heroes' and villains' pets. In order to save the Justice League, Superman's dog Krypto forms a superhero team of pets.

DC Super Pets Team 752x639


ACE the Bat-Hound 801x927


KRYPTO the Super Dog 653x992


Super Dog Krypto 686x604

In 2022, DC Comics produced a superhero team called the Legion of Super-Pets. A 3D computer-animated film based on this team was released the same year, titled DC League of Super-Pets. Jared Stern directed the film; he cowrote the screenplay with John Whittington. The movie features Dwayne Johnson as Superman, Thomas Middleditch as Lex Luthor, Keanu Reeves as Lulu, and Kate McKinnon as Ace the shelter dog. Other actors in the movie include Diego Luna, Vanessa Bayer, Ben Schwartz and John Krasinski. In the film, Superman's pet dog Krypto and shelter dog Ace save other superheroes from Lex Luthor and Lulu by working with other pet animals.

Super Dog Krypto Mini Avatar 705x947


Super Pets Krypto and Ace 1074x876


Super Pets KRYPTO (DC) 837x1090


Krypto: Super Pets 684x571


Batman and Ace 726x592


Superman and Krypto Dog 652x542


Krypto and Ace Dogs 628x506


Super Pets Team 837x492


DC: Super Pets 584x606


Superman and Krypto the Super Dog 711x449

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