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Leaves are the primary appendages of stems in vascular plants. They are arranged laterally above ground and specialized for photosynthesis. Leaves and other parts of the shoot system can be referred to as foliage, such as autumn foliage. Each leaf has a top side or lamina known as the palisade mesophyll, which is used to synthesize p-chemicals.

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Some leaves, such as those of Eucalyptus, have palisade mesophyll on both sides. These are known as isobilateral leaves. Different features of leaves differentiate their upper and lower sides. Leaves usually have patches of different colors due to chlorophyll, which absorbs sunlight for photosynthesis. Some leaves have more or less wax on their surface, which affects how much moisture the leaf holds and how reflective it is. Leaves can also be differently textured, or hairy, which affects how they look and feel.

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