My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Coloring Pages

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" with these enchanting coloring pages. Each page is a new adventure, filled with your favorite characters from the beloved animated series.

Meet Your Favorite Characters

The collection features Twilight Sparkle, the intelligent and magical leader of the Equestria Girls. Her page is a blend of her iconic purple and pink hues, with intricate patterns that reflect her love for knowledge and magic. Next, you'll find the energetic and fun-loving Pinkie Pie, her page bursting with balloons, confetti, and her signature curly pink hair.

Rainbow Dash's page is a whirlwind of action, capturing her athletic spirit and bold, rainbow-colored mane. Fluttershy's page, on the other hand, is a serene landscape filled with her animal friends, reflecting her kind and gentle nature.

Rarity's page is a fashionista's dream, adorned with jewels, dresses, and her stylish purple mane. Applejack's page is a rustic scene of Sweet Apple Acres, complete with apple trees and her trusty lasso.

The coloring pages also feature the charming Sunset Shimmer, with fiery hair and a backdrop that hints at her journey from antagonist to one of the most loved characters.


Applejack the Equestria Girl 1885x2509


Rarity of MLP Equestria 1585x2529


Equestria Girls Hula Skirt 3193x1765


Fluttershy 1957x2521

Experience the Magic of Coloring

Each page is a unique blend of character-specific elements and abstract designs, providing hours of coloring fun. The intricate details cater to older fans, while the recognizable characters and bright outlines make it accessible for younger colorists.

These MLP Equestria Girls coloring pages are not just a fun activity, but also a way to explore the rich personalities and stories of each character. So grab your coloring tools and step into the magical world of Equestria, where friendship is magic, and every color brings a character to life.


dancing Fluttershy 1993x2617


Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash 2149x2477


Pinkie Pie 1833x2473


Pinkie Pie 2141x2529


Pinkie Pie holding drumsticks 2105x2433


Pinkie Pie from Equestria Girls MLP 1909x2541


Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash together 2209x2485


Rainbow-Dash 2053x2637


Rarity 1981x2509


Twilight Sparkle 1945x2513


simple Equestria Girls coloring sheet 2693x2421


Rarity and Sparkle 2217x2385


Twilight Sparkle 2313x2485


MLP Twilight Sparkle 2173x2597


MLP Equestria Twilight-Sparkle 2173x2485

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