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About Unicorn

Described since ancient times, the unicorn is a legendary creature with a horn projecting from its forehead. This horn is said to be large and singular.
Printable Unicorn and Magic Wand Coloring Page for kids.

Unicorn and Magic Wand 3732x3612

Printable Unicorn drawing to color Coloring Page for kids.

Easy Unicorn drawing to color 1420x1514

Printable Unicorn sketch Coloring Page for kids.

Simple Unicorn sketch 3664x3904

A unicorn is depicted as a white horse-like or goat-like animal with a long straight horn with spiral grooves. It is also described as having cloven hooves and a goat's beard. In European art and literature, the unicorn has been depicted like this for over 1000 years. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, it was considered an extremely wild woodland creature. It was said to be so wild that it could only be captured by a virgin. In medieval and Renaissance times, the horn of a narwhal was sometimes sold as a unicorn's horn. It was believed to have healing properties when dissolved in poisoned water, and even to make water potable.
Printable Baby Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Baby Unicorn 789x778

Printable Magical Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Magical Unicorn 736x1106

Printable Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Simple Unicorn 600x740

The unicorn is often used as a symbol of fantasy or rarity in popular culture.
Printable Lovely Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Lovely Unicorn 2000x2000

Printable Sweet Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Sweet Unicorn 612x612

Printable Noble Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Noble Unicorn 300x212

Printable Queen Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Queen Unicorn 230x230

Printable Unicorn and Butterflies Coloring Page for kids.

Unicorn and Butterflies 2000x2000

Printable Sweet Dreams with Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Sweet Dreams with Unicorn 861x792

Printable Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Easy Unicorn 1024x832

Printable Baby Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Baby Unicorn 250x250

Printable Ice cream unicorns Coloring Page for kids.

Ice cream unicorns 300x300

Printable Unicorn Cat Coloring Page for kids.

Unicorn Cat 1810x2560

Printable Pokemon Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Pokemon Unicorn 480x381

Printable Unicorn and Flowers Coloring Page for kids.

Unicorn and Flowers 1477x1483

Printable Unicorn Head Coloring Page for kids.

Unicorn Head 450x450

Printable Unicorn and Moon Coloring Page for kids.

Unicorn and Moon 340x270

Printable Beautiful Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Beautiful Unicorn 595x732

Printable Lovely Unicorn Coloring Page for kids.

Lovely Unicorn 2124x2312

Printable Unicorn Face Coloring Page for kids.

Unicorn Face 1905x1510

Printable Unicorn and the Moon Dreams Coloring Page for kids.

Unicorn and the Moon Dreams 2331x2331

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