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The gray wolf is also known as the wolf or Canis lupus. It is the largest member of the canine family and one of the oldest mammals still in existence.
Printable Wolf drawing bw Coloring Page for kids.

Easy Wolf drawing bw 3727x3590

Printable wolf Coloring Page for kids.

Simple wolf 2304x2059

Printable Zentangle Wolf Coloring Page for kids.

Zentangle Wolf 2616x3872

The gray wolf originally hails from Eurasia and North America, but various subspecies have since migrated to other parts of the world. Gray wolves are distinguished from other Canis species by their larger bodies, longer tails and shorter muzzles and ears. More than 30 distinct subspecies have been identified. The wolf is closely related to other Canis species, including the coyote and golden jackal. They can interbreed with other species in this genus; this occurs rarely in the wild, but regularly in captivity. Wolves' fur is usually mottled with brown, black, gray and white stripes. However, arctic subspecies have been seen with almost completely white fur.
Printable Wolf Mandala Coloring Page for kids.

Wolf Mandala 793x1171

Printable Wolf sketch to color Coloring Page for kids.

Wolf sketch to color 2048x1536

Printable Wolf in the winter Coloring Page for kids.

Wolf in the winter 1538x1538

Printable Angry Wolf Coloring Page for kids.

Angry Wolf 2417x1662

Printable Wolves sketch black and white Coloring Page for kids.

Wolves sketch black and white 1024x781

Printable Wolf outline for adults Coloring Page for kids.

Wolf outline for adults 1328x1836

Printable Wolf zentangle Coloring Page for kids.

Wolf zentangle 2048x2897

Printable Noble Wolf Coloring Page for kids.

Noble Wolf 995x839

Printable Baby Wolf Coloring Page for kids.

Baby Wolf 910x1024

Printable Baby Wolf Coloring Page for kids.

Baby Wolf 3696x4256

Printable Wolf Sketch to color Coloring Page for kids.

Wolf Sketch to color 3943x3080

Printable Wolf running Coloring Page for kids.

Wolf running 5120x4048

Printable Cute Wolf Coloring Page for kids.

Cute Wolf 3192x4568

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