Fun and Creative Squishmallow Coloring Pages

Capturing the Cute Characters

Squishmallows have become one of the most popular plush toy collectibles, loved for their ultra soft texture and cute, round designs. As their popularity grows, fans are finding creative ways to engage with these lovable characters. One fun activity that combines creativity with the Squishmallows craze is coloring printed pages featuring these squishy companions.

With their simple shapes, vibrant colors, and charming details like smiles and eyelashes, Squishmallows make for enjoyable coloring subjects. Their smooth, marshmallowy bodies are ready to be filled in with a rainbow of colors. And their cute faces are full of personality just waiting to shine through the hues you choose.

Relaxing and Imaginative Fun for All Ages

Coloring Squishmallow pages is a relaxing, imaginative activity for any fan or coloring enthusiast. It’s perfect for passing the time on car rides, plane trips, rainy days stuck inside, or whenever you feel like tapping into your inner artist.

The simple designs are great for younger kids just starting out in coloring. And collectors of all ages will enjoy making each page unique by customizing their favorite Squishmallows’ palette. Coloring is a proven way to reduce stress - making this a squishy self-care activity.

So grab your markers, crayons or colored pencils and let your creativity run wild! Bring these soft, huggable plushies to life with color. Then display your Squishmallow art to enjoy their happy faces every day.


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Customize Your Favorite Characters

One of the best things about coloring Squishmallows is putting your own creative spin on these cute plush pals. Their simple shapes and all-white versions are the perfect blank canvas to make each one your own. Add polka dots, stripes, checkerboard patterns or tie-dye swirls. Give your unicorn Squishmallow a pink and purple mane. Use metallic markers to give your dragon Squishmallow some flashy scales. The options are endless when customizing these squishy friends!

Themed Collections and Collaborations

As new Squishmallows series and mini-collections come out, fans can stay up to date by coloring matching sets. Bring the Ice Cream Squad to life with sprinkles and cherries on top! Give the Dinosaurs intricate textures and patterns. Or recreate the Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party collection in vivid detail. Even color coordinated shelf displays of grouped Squishmallow artwork takes collecting to the next level. The love for Squishmallows also lends itself to exciting collaborations. Mix your interests by coloring anime, superhero or video game inspired versions. Crossover the cuddly cuties with your favorite cartoons, movies and TV shows. Even add seasonal details like Santa hats and bunny ears! Coloring is all about creativity, so dream up unique mashups that make you smile.

Display Your Masterpieces

When you’re done coloring your Squishmallow pages, be sure to proudly put your custom creations on display! Frame single pages to spotlight your favorites. Create full wall collages showcasing entire collections. Or adhere pages to notebooks, lockers or desktops to always have a cute Squishmallow in sight. Show off your hard work on social media and trade pages with other fans. Not only can you enjoy your artwork every day, but coloring can even become a social activity within the Squishmallows community!


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