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Vikingskool is a Disney production. Its story is about three Viking children Erik, Arni and Ylva.
Collection of Vikingskool Coloring Pages for kids.

Erik Fourchebarbe

Erik is one of the three main character of Viking Skool. The ancestor of Erik is the legendary Olaf Fourchebarbe who is the legendary hero of Vikings. Erik is a student at VikingSkool.


Ylva has red hair. She is a student at VikingSkool. She is a fighter and the fastest one among the other students.

Arni Weaversonson

Arni is a dark-skinned student at VikingSkool. He is one of the three main characters.

VikingSkool Erik 576x797


Ylva 576x687


Vikingskool Arni 559x788


Disney Vikingskool Ylva, Erik and Arni fighting! 888x500

VikingSkool teaches how to become a real viking warrior. The show is about three protagonists as Erik, Arni and Ylva. Other characters are; Doomhild, Heurk, Mr. Hammerson, Ms. Tendon and as Ms. Astrid.
VikingSkool has full of exciting adventures of Erik, Arni and Ylva. They are the best friends. They need to succeed many tasks before the graduation. The road to graduation is not short. They have to develop a real viking stamina, a viking warrior courage and intelligence.

Personalities of the characters


: She is the closest student to become a real viking warrior. She is instinctive fighter, ambitious. She is the best and the fast learner student at the "Skool". Also, described as "Detail-oriented", "straightforward" and "honest". She loves animals and nature.

Vikingskool Ylva holding her weapon! 1124x924


Vikingskool Students at warrior lesson 888x500


Students of Vikingskool 888x500


Arni writing in a notebook. 900x759


: Full name of Erik is Erik Fourchebarbe. His surname is "Fourchebarbe" which comes from the legendary viking hero "Olaf Fourchebarbe". Erik is the grandson of him. Erik is described as "fearless","optimistic", "decisive", "positive". However, he is a clumsy viking, so, he is not close to become a real viking boy.

Erik, Ylva and Arni Vikingskool. 1293x720


Vikingskool Outline 1512x781


Erik Ylva and Arni together 1559x776


Vikingskool Outline 0773 1416x872


Vikingskool Arni 1166x652


Vikingskool Innocent Ylva, Erik and Arni 1506x1010


Vikingskool: Erik 1541x863


Erik from Viking Skool 1171x875


Vikingskool Outline for coloring 1019x760


Viking Skool Ylva outline 1537x859


Disney Vikingskool Outline 853x444


Ylva is Angry! 1707x1280


Ylva and Teacher 1707x1280


Ylva Arni and Erik 1724x998

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